Quiet Moments series-Abi May


Daily Moments

Daily Moments, Pause to Reflect is a themed collection of daily readings, put together from more than 1300 quotations, poems and scriptures, alongside original short texts. Each day has its own page on a particular topic, ideal for reflective reading. Some quotations are inspirational and short; other passages lead to deeper thought.


Each page has a topic and stands alone, or you can read through the book thematically using the topical index at the back.  

This book is ideal for personal reflective reading, although it can also be used for group leaders. An ecumenical Christian book. Topical index is included. This is the pocket book edition.

This is a popular devotional volume. I spent over 3 years working on this book--truly a labour of love! 

You can buy this book here from Amazon. (My shop front is called "Info Services") 

An earlier hardback version called "Moments in the Morning" is also available in English and Spanish: "Desayunos para el alma"