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Supportive Retreats


"Living with Loss"

Grief following bereavement can feel overwhelming, particularly if we have lost a partner or child, or if our loved one’s passing was sudden or traumatic, or if we have suffered multiple losses. The aim of these supported retreats is to better equip us to deal with our life-changing loss.

We face up to some of the spiritual, emotional and practical challenges of our grief, and then look at practical and creative ways to cope with our lives as they are now, as well as the hope we need in order to carry on the journey of our lives.


The retreats have Christian content, although this is presented gently and is not theological. The focus of our retreats is on making the best of our life in the present, rather than discussion about the life beyond.

We generally have one or two led sessions every day. These will include explanations, reflection prompts, creative activities, discussions, times of reflection and prayer, and listening to music and inspirational readings.

We also have time for remembrance prayers, and often we manage to fit in some craft  activities and a relevant film. 

Besides the led sessions, there is plenty of time for personal reflection, handouts to work on individually, as well as the opportunity for participants to have individual prayer with retreat leaders if you wish. A selection of relevant books are available to read during the retreat.


Each retreat event is slightly different, depending on the particular needs of those participating, and also depending on the duration - whether it is a one-day support event, a weekend or a week (Monday to Friday). 

From 2017 we are also starting to run "Living with Loss Part 2 - The Journey Continues" for those who have already attended an initial retreat. 


The topics we cover (depending on the duration of the retreat) include:

  • Understanding grief, the physical and emotional impact of loss, and a Christian perspective on grief.
  • Living with loss, models of recovery, complicated grief, crises of faith, dealing with our emotions.
  • Honouring the memories of our loved ones, reflective activities, digital legacy.
  • Survival strategies for our life today, being kind to ourselves, getting through difficult times.

Where and when

Over the next year I'll be holding retreats at the following venues.  


Click here for an updated list with more information for booking 



2018 at a glance


February 19 - 22

Living with Loss retreat, Launde Abbey, Leicestershire

May 22-25
Living with Loss Part 2: "Continuing the Journey" retreat, House of the Open Door, Cotswolds

July 27-29
Living with Loss retreat, The Briery Retreat Centre, Yorkshire

September 7-9
Living with Loss Part 2: "Continuing the Journey" retreat, The Briery Retreat Centre, Yorkshire

November 12-16
Living with Loss retreat, Lee Abbey, Devon. 

2019 preview
February 18-22
Living with Loss retreat, Launde Abbey, Leicestershire

You can find out more details about the retreats, including updates, booking information and content, by visiting
Or looking on Facebook for the "Living with Loss" page  

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